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Now you can view all some of past vintage collections and the Joseph La Rose Shoe Collection on Flickr! I will now be uploading new material to flickr every week and sending it out via my weekly email with new vintage pieces. Please click the photo below to be taken to my flickr page.

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Sunday, October 10th, 2010 Santos Party House, 96 Lafayette St @ Walker
8 pm – 4 am

Back by popular demand, nightlife impresario Deryck Todd presents the Fall 2010 installment of BowieBall: celebrating the apex of electric excess— BowieBall pays homage to the definitive rock icon: David Bowie, in an anything-goes charity extravaganza bringing together the best in music, art, fashion, and entertainment.
Notorious door persona Thomas Onorato will tap in the in crowd at hot spot Santos Party House with a film showing of The Hunger for the early ziggys at 8 pm. Following to rock who rolls in, New York’s hottest DJ’s Michael T (Motherfucker), Jake B (Diesel), glitterbear Rich King, June D (White Doves),    Prince Terrence (Hussle Club) & Jess (Trash!) will spin exclusive Bowie smashups. Hosts Ellie Conant (Choice Cunts),’s Simcha, Zachary David Palmer & bombshell brunette Shien Lee (Dances of Vice) will shimmer in the glitteratti for resident Sirius Radio photographer Maro Hagopian and stilt walker Joshua D (House Of Yes).

Backed by a live band churning out star-studded Bowie classics, performers are vimeonados CHERYL, legendary Taylor Mac, Sacred Center Gospel Choir, bodacious chanteuse Bridget Everett, fiery ginger Reni Lane, The Mystery of Claywoman’s Michael Cavadias, Slinky Vagabond headliner Keanan Duffty, glamagod Michael T, downtown diva Lady Rizo, psychedelic dandy David Riley (Mirror Mirror), shimmering Carolyn Traore & the infamous Militia. The gender bending dancers Daisy Spurs and very pregnant Little Brooklyn will strut their stuff to pure original stardust songs.
Additionally, there will be hair overs by Bumble and bumble and make up make overs with gift bags giveaways. An attention-grabbing outfit will win a $200 Ben Sherman gift certificate and a special giveaway of Fred Schneider’s (B-52s) band The Superions “Destination…Christmas!” Album presented by Fred himself! Costume contest will also be judged by a very special surprise guest.

Notorious for turning out those that are wild enough to be in the downtown underground, BowieBall is heralded as the “it affair” by Nylon Magazine and attendees like Mick Rock, Debbie Harry and Chloe Sevigny. Let your inner lightening bolt strike at BowieBall, the only exclusive New York nightlife event for covering yourself in glitter’s golden years.

Proceeds Donated to The Northern Westchester Shelter

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OBSESSION: Mellie Bianco Bags + Cri De Coeur Shoes!

Ladies –

Once again it’s time to share a current fashion obsession with you that is not only lovely, but also green, clean and mean! I first spotted Mellie Bianco Bags in Time Out NY, when two young ladies, Taylor Olson and Lauren Jennifer Solomon, where featured for their shopping style. I was so inspired by these two young foxes, both are 25 and working in the fashion industry (manager of events at Dior and a personal stylist), that I googled them and befriended them. They are certainly White Doves!! One of their favorite pieces right now is the Ethnic Applique Bag by Mellie Bianco. Not only are these bags so freakin’ cute, THEY ARE VEGAN!! So I can feel fabulous and green. Goes perfect with any Vintage Frock. What I’m coveting right now, is their Marie Sequins Hobo Bag

Marie Sequin Hobo Bag

The small label began by garnering fans at local boutiques in LA. Word-of-mouth (and purse) grew to find devotees going crazy over stylish designs, top-notch construction and (the best part) prices that were a fraction of other handbags on the market. For handbag lovers shying away from animal-based products, Melie Bianco’s high-quality faux-leather materials were the perfect answer.Today, Melie Bianco commands a large share of the market for vegan, budget-friendly fashion handbags. Melie Bianco’s designs have been spotted in major fashion magazines like Vogue,  Marie Claire, Glamour, Lucky, Instyle, Oprah, Cosmo Girl, Seventeen, Self, People, and Life & Style among others.

Next on the Vegan Hit list is CRI DE COEUR Shoes! They were featured on Daily Candy this morning because they are launching a vegan friendly handbag line. As you can see I’m on the hunt for the perfect bag. However, I stumbled upon their shoe collection as well, which I’m in love in. It looks like it’s time for a trip to Moo Shoes in Soho. I don’t know if you feel this way, but I have a hard time finding the right bag (that holds my entire life, oh a laptop) and shoes in Vintage. I find wonderful pieces all the time, but non seem to jive with my hectic, digging for treasures and running amock in NYC lifestyle. Hopefully I’ve found some solice with these shoes….

Blue Bootie.

Cri de Coeur is a French expression that translates literally to “cry from the heart.” To us, it symbolizes our heartfelt desire to change the face of the fashion footwear market. Cri de Coeur provides stylish, contemporary women’s footwear that is ethically produced from start to finish.

Also these women are CUTE!! They are certainly White Doves, Enjoy the Green Fabulous Fashion!


Miss June D

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Green Tip: Reusable Fancy Baggies!

This morning I arose to my usual cup of sugar plum tea (add vanilla stevia and it’s like a morning dessert!) and began chugging through my heavy inbox. I always get excited when I finally click on my Daily Candy email. This morning I discovered a solution to looking more stylish while being green! I have been reusing my plastic baggies, just wash them out and let them air dry, for years now. They are perfect for travel, carrying my snacks around, organizing jewelry , the possibilities of the baggie is endless! So NOW instead of every one seeing what I’m having for a snack today they can now see my snack wrapped up in a Fab fuchsia – aqua Tilli Baggie!!

Check out this bad ass chicks creation here :

Fuchsia - Aqua Gallon Sized

They come in various prints and patterns and sizes all for $8 – $9 for a box of 12!! Now that’s better than your traditonal ziplock boringness. Thanks Tilli for making my morning more fabulous and more green! Remember, just wash, air dry and resuse!

Miss June D

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A Conversation with Designer Asmina Stone

Mina in her favorite vintage maxi dress

We are so excited to post our first interview with the super talented fashion designer Asmina “Mina” Stone, who invited us over to her cute Brooklyn pad on a sunny afternoon a few weeks ago. I discovered Mina through a Daily Candy post when I instantly fell in love with her hand – dyed Cassi tunic dress that was purged so much femininity it almost made me cry. Just looking her pieces makes me feel like a delicate woman, which I am. I got a sense that there was more to this young designer that just gorgeous pieces, it turns out she’s gorgeous and green!


White Dove: What made you first realize you wanted to design clothes?

Mina Stone: I just started getting interested in it, even in high school I would just sketch, and then I started sewing my own clothes and making hippie dresses and I would try to sell them. When I was a junior, I took a summer program at Mass Art, and I had this teacher, she was so cool- she was a mini-version of Erykah Badu (laughs). She was just 22, and she was the most inspiring person. She dressed in this amazing way and was reallyexpressive. I think in that time period, it was just my means of expressing myself and so I was like, Why don’t I just give it a shot?

So, I went to Pratt and got my degree in fashion and always utilized it as my way of expressing myself. I did all kinds of art and just gravitated towards that in the end.  And  I’m still that way…just now it’s cooking.

WD: What inspires you and how do you keep feeling inspired?

MS: I am always emotionally inspired. I feel in fashion, there are certainly a lot of designers that are just like me, but I think that how I work is that I feel like my seasons – all of my collections – are sort of, this-is-what-was-going-on-with-me–the-past-six-
months and translating it that way, instead of…you know, sometimes I look at stuff and will be interested in something and kind of get really into it, but it usually ends up being about something that I’m feeling, and that’s what I’m interested in. So I would say that is what I’m inspired by – it’s not super-specific inspirations, it’s a…

WD: It’s an intuitive thing.

MS: Yeah, it’s an expression of time or experience.

WD: Do you ever buy vintage for inspiration?

MS: Totally, that’s how I got started! Remember the vintage store in Boston called the Garment District? I still have dresses from there that were $14 and I still wear everyday.

WD: There is a bit of Greek influence behind the minimal designs of your current collection. Was this intentional, and how much influence has your culture had on you as a designer?

MS: The Greek thing always finds itself in there, and I think that it’s just something deep inside of me. I’m not referencing Ancient Greek draping, which is amazing, I don’t ever study it, but I do see it every summer, so… it’s just there, I think it’s just a part of me. (laughs)

But from another standpoint, I kept thinking that in a way, it was about being in a place where you belong but that you don’t also belong, because I’m Greek but I was raised here, so in a sense there’s always going to be a part of me that’s trying to “Be more
Greek,” so it was sort of about being a slight misfit. (laughs)

WD: On that note, how would you describe the ideal Mina Stone girl?

MS: I think artistic and sensitive…” (laughs) Somebody that doesn’t take herself too seriously… that’s how I view her.

Vintage Pieces from Mina's Closet

WD: Where did the influence for the dyeing techniques come from? How did that come into the picture?

MS: I wanted to use my hands on the fabric. I wanted to make each garment more personal and started experimenting with dyes and inks on fabric.

WD: Did you create this line when you came back— ‘cause you spent like, a year in Greece, right?

MS: Not that long, six months. And then I came back.

WD: And then, were you deciding on this collection while you were in Greece, or when you came back?

MS: Both. I feel like when I’m there, my mind is pretty clear so just images come into
my head. And then I came back and did the collection.

WD: And your experience in Greece, was that an emotional thing that was coming out?

MS: Yeah. Probably. It always is, I think. (laughs)

WD: Okay. So, […] you had stopped designing for two years, what caused that?

MS: Well, I was getting all this press, the line was doing well, and I started feeling like there are all these things I want to do, and I haven’t done them yet… I wanted to go to Greece… I was cooking a lot and I felt like cooking even more… and I wanted to do it before I tied myself down.

WD: Are you still cooking?

MS: Yeah, I’m still cooking. I’m cooking a lot less than I used to, but I still cook for an artist once a week, and I cook for the gallery once a month.

WD: Daily Candy really made it sound like you’ve made it sound like you’ve left behind cooking and you’re working full-time in fashion and designing.

MS: It’s not [so cut and dry] but yeah, it’s pretty much the truth. I think that even if you go to the best restaurant five times, you’re going to feel like you still ate at a restaurant. So I don’t have any aspirations of opening a restaurant. I want to cook for people I care about. I’m trying to make cooking my hobby and designing into my business.

WD: Right, so the clothing is becoming the business, and the cooking is becoming the hobby.

MS: Yes.

WD: What kind of food do you cook?

MS: I cook Mediterranean/Organic/Local, I would say…

WD: Well, good, this is awesome, that you said this because now this takes us to a whole other direction, which is more of the direction that we want to talk about. So, I guess we can just jump into it. Our next question was about being green.

MS: I can talk about it forever… and I feel really strongly about being green. I specifically feel it for food.

Mina's cherries from the farmer's market

WD: Well, let’s talk about how you are green through your food. Talk about how those principles come into your cooking, ‘cause I think it’s great that you’re still doing that cooking, ‘cause then you’re staying connected to that.

MS: I guess my philosophy is good food. I believe in it being seasonal simply because I think you can tell the difference. Greek food is so simple: just seasonal produce, and olive oil, a little lemon and some fish. All these Mediterranean diets are based on peasant foods: greens, grains, legumes, lots of olive oil and meat once in a while.

I think it’s crazy how much better it is for the environment when you’re more aware of your food choices. If people just ate meat only once or twice a week, it would make a huge impact on the Earth.

WD: What resources have you used to educate yourself about it?

MS: Mostly the New York Times and anything I read about Greek cooking or cookbooks…I was just reading this book called The End of Food it’s basically about the economic globalization of food businesses.

WD: How do you keep yourself motivated?

MS: Well, I’m endlessly motivated to make clothes and dye fabrics and the fun stuff. It’s the business part that’s hellish. Luckily, this is another thing that fell into place.  My cousin, who’s in graduate school for business and has been like my sister when we
were growing up has been keeping me on my toes and invested her time and getting me organized. She’s someone I’m responsible to, and it helps me I am very aware that with running a business, I have to know the financial end of it too.

I could have freelanced at a design firm, but I cooked and that funded the line, and my mom gave me some money as well. I think if you really wanted to do it, you could do it. It’s easier if you have money, of course, but I think there are ways. Maybe I’ve

been lucky, but the buyers I’ve worked with, they’ve been supportive of an upcoming designer.

WD: Lastly, what kind of advice would you give to young women who want to start their own business?

MS: I think when you’re ready for it, things fall into place. There’s this girl I talked to who gave me the best advice ever. Her name is Rachel Lee, and she’s hilarious – she said, “Trust your intuition. If you’re not ready for something, don’t do it.” My
best advice is to be yourself and trust yourself and people will pick up on that.”


We, of course, would like to thank Miss Mina Stone for having us over and gabbing with us — hope you Doves enjoyed this interview as much as we had conducting it!

Peace, Love & Kissing Doves,

The White Dove Team

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